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Please help us continue these PAW-some activities at Riverview...

Events/Programs listed alphabetically:


ACME Community Cash Back ‐ Please save ACME receipts (yours and anyone else!) from August through December and turn them in to the front office to help Riverview Elementary PTA earn community cash for your school/children. More information is available on our Fundraisers page.

Program Coordinator: Toni Dinardo

Art Show ‐ Each spring, the PTA helps the school to hold an annual showcase for student artwork. Volunteers (approximately 20) are needed to hang art work in the days prior to the show and to help with refreshments. 

Date: TBD - Late Spring 

Event Organizer: Mrs. Schmitt

Assemblies and Student Events- The PTA hosts various schoolwide assemblies and events for the students throughout the school year.  This year, assemblies and events are geared toward STEAM in an attempt to capture an interest for each and every student at Riverview!

Book Fair ‐ The book fair is held for one week, in the Spring. The first two days of the book fair, students shop and create a wish list of items. The remainder of the week, students will return with cash/checks or pre-loaded funds to purchase items approved by their parents from their lists. The PTA also sponsors several giveaways during this event. The book fairs require 6-8 volunteers every day, working either a morning or afternoon shift. Volunteers are also needed for set-up and tear down.

Dates: TBD

Committee Chair: Jill Bradisse

Box Tops For Education ‐ Please save your Box Tops for Education and turn them into the Riverview Office to help the PTA earn cash to help pay for events during the school year. More information is available on our Fundraisers page (click here​).

Program Coordinator: Toni Dinardo

Bulldog Disney Dash ‐ This is our largest fundraiser of the year, & we depend on it to fund all the great enrichment programs and activities we have planned throughout the year. This Disney Raffle and COLOR RUN event allow students to help with our fundraising efforts by asking family and friends to support them through online donations. We also depend on local business sponsors to help cover expenses for the event and prizes. SIGN UP HERE TO VOLUNTEER.

Committee Chair: Ashley Guilmette

Field Day ‐ This event is a student favorite and celebrates the end of the school year. The children enjoy outdoor activities, including water games and obstacle courses, and snacks provided by the PTA. Approx. 30 volunteers are needed to successfully run the event. 

Date: TBD - End of School

Event Organizer: Ms. Cugini 

4th Grade Party ‐ This end of the year party celebrates the end of an era for our 4th graders who will be moving on to Lakeview Middle School. This event is sponsored by the PTA and requires 5 volunteers during the event. The children really look forward to their final Riverview party and enjoy outdoor activities, food and other special events. Custom t-shirts are also donated by the PTA. 

Date: TBD - Late Spring

Graduating Senior Scholarship Program ‐ Each year the PTA awards a former Riverview student who is graduating from High School a $500 scholarship. Volunteers will be needed to form a selection committee to review all applicants and select the winner. 

Committee Chair: Diana Selzer

Halloween & Valentine’s Parties ‐ Appointed Classroom Ambassadors from interested parent volunteers will coordinate other volunteers and assist to run these school parties.

Halloween Party Date: October

Valentine’s Party Date: February 


Helping Hands ‐ This is a recognition program for any non-teacher PTA Member for their outstanding efforts to support Riverview families & students throughout the year. Nominations typically occur from December to January, with an Awards Ceremony in April/May. Local winners are eligible to move on to State and National recognition as well.  


Holiday Shop ‐ This is a very popular event with the students as they are able to shop for & bring home wrapped gifts for their families and loved ones for the holidays. A variety of inexpensive items will be available for all ages & even your furry friends. 

Dates: TBD

Committee: Sarah Ziemba

Inspirational PAWS Assembly ‐ This motivational themed assembly is put on by the PTA each year to help teach our children about character, making good choices, respecting others, being responsible and staying safe.

Date: TBD

Committee Chair:

Kindergarten Graduation ‐ The PTA sponsors a kindergarten graduation each year. Volunteers ensure the successful organization of 60+ kindergarteners, and provide refreshments for the families. Typically, parents who attended the event for their kindergartener the prior year are asked to consider volunteering for this event.

Date: TBD - MAY

Committee Chair:

Marco’s Pizza Night ‐ Please support your school by ordering from Marco’s Pizza on selected nights & throughout the school year. See more information and how to order on our Fundraisers page (click here).

Program Organizer: Jessica Woods

Membership Drive ‐ The PTA is only as strong as it's membership and volunteers!  Membership drive efforts are required at the start of the school year to encourage new membership to join our PTA as well as throughout the year.  

Committee Chair: Chrystal Fretz

Mini-Grants for Teachers ‐ Each year teachers may apply for a PTA sponsored mini-grant up to pay for classroom equipment or supplies for the following year. The mini-grants are capped at $100 per teacher & $1,000 total for Riverview.  

Committee Chair: Megan Postak

Family Movie Night - Students and their families are encouraged to bring chairs, blankets, pillows, etc. and come watch a recent family-friendly movie while enjoying popcorn, snacks and drinks provided by the PTA. Approximately 5 volunteers are needed for this event. 

Date: TBD

Committee Chair: AVAILABLE​

Parent/Teacher Conference Staff Dinners ‐ The PTA coordinates full dinners for all staff during the Parent/Teacher Conferences. 


Chair: Chelsea Reed

Playground Playdates- The PTA coordinates varying days and times for Riverview families to meet at the Riverview playground to play! This is a great way for parents to get to know each other!

Put the T in PTA ‐ This is an award from Ohio PTA given to an educator who shows outstanding support of the youth at Riverview. This award is for any certified person working on behalf of children and youth. This could be a principal, teacher, counselor, or other certified educator.

Coordinator: Lauren O'Brien

Reflections ‐ Each year hundreds of thousands of students in preschool through grade 12 create and submit original works in the areas of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts. Students may participate in the national awards program through their school's PTA.

Committee Chair: Ryane Augustine

Snuggle Up & Read ‐ This event precedes the Spring Book Fair.  Students and their families rotate through various classrooms to hear different characters and special guests read some of their favorite books. Special guests, crafts & snacks provided by the PTA. 


Chair: Stephanie Votow

Spirit Wear Sales ‐ The PTA coordinates fundraising spirit wear sales to help dress the littlest bulldogs, their friends and family. More information is available on our Fundraisers page (click here​).

Staff Appreciation Week ‐ This is a nationally recognized week to show appreciation to our teachers, aides, secretaries, janitors & other staff. A theme for the week is typically selected by the PTA Committee, and a letter with suggestions for daily appreciation gifts is sent home with the students in advance of the event. The teachers and staff truly enjoy being honored during this week and are always very grateful for the generosity of our students and families. 

Dates: TBD

Chair: Stephanie Votow

Summer Reading Program ‐ We can't forget about the importance of reading over the summer months! The PTA along with the school will host a summer reading program to keep students motivated to read with special incentives and prizes.

Committee Chair: Emily Gentithes

Yearbook ‐ The PTA creates and provides the ability for families to order yearbooks for the students as a great way to capture the memories of the school year.

Coordinator: Ashley Guilmette

Details about any event, activity or position can be shared with you by any PTA board member. Questions? Please ask! We'd love your help! 

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