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Hello Team Riverview!


While most of you know me as Mrs. Postak the kindergarten teacher, I have added a new title for the third school year now as our PTA president!


I can tell you that we have an amazing PTA board with a mix of veteran faces and many new faces and we can’t wait to get started to make it an awesome experience for all of the students, staff and families at Riverview this year! We have some great ideas to help get us started!


Our main goals this year as a PTA Board is to better our communication with the families at Riverview, to expand our parent involvement in PTA leadership positions and events and to strengthen our staff/PTA relationships!


I have every confidence that we are headed in the right direction to make that happen! Here is where you all come in! We have many items and events that happen through PTA. While some of them have a chairperson, we are looking for other folks at team Riverview to get involved! These positions vary and there is something for everyone! Some committees require more time than others but all are equally important to the success of our PTA!


CLICK HERE to view the list of the events/items with descriptions that we offer through our PTA! If it says AVAILABLE, that means that we could use YOU!


So whether you are a veteran of Riverview or a new family to our school, we would LOVE to have you become a part of our team and help us provide an awesome experience for our students!

Thank you all for your help in filling these positions!! We are really hoping to make the PTA experience a more inclusive one and get more people involved.


The bigger we are, the stronger we are! We would LOVE to have returning RV families and new families join the team!


If you would like to volunteer or want to know more, please email me at


Thank you in advance!

Megan Postak

Riverview PTA President

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